Reedworth Street, London, SE11 4PH


Archbishop Sumner

Church Of England Primary School



Maths at ABS is stimulating, exciting and challenging and is delivered in the context of real life and other areas of learning. All children should learn mathematics with enjoyment and understanding and develop the ability to apply maths in a variety of situations. We aim to make children feel confident about maths by encouraging them to make connections between their ideas and knowledge through discussion and investigations. The learning process is highly valued; misconceptions and mistakes are used to improve learning and not as a measure of success while explanation and reasoning is integral to teaching and learning. 

Children experience a mathematics lesson every day, which includes mental maths, opportunities for collaboration and investigation. However, maths is also seen across the curriculum as it is in real life. Therefore, children may learn maths in science when observing or recording, in history whilst developing their chronological skills or geography when it comes to mapping. There can even be maths in PE and music at ABS! We also encourage developing maths opportunities on trips and visits, during whole school celebrations and our maths days (during which children are grouped across classes and led by Y6 children around a series of activities which explore and celebrate different mathematical concepts).