Reedworth Street, London, SE11 4PH


Archbishop Sumner

Church Of England Primary School



At ABS we recognise the importance of creativity and encourage the development of the children’s interest and ability in the arts. Pupils gain expertise and in experience in a wide variety of arts and develop their own creativity through collaborative projects and individual reflection. We enable the children to express themselves positively, encourage their talents and enable them to gain confidence.

We foster an awareness of and enthusiasm in the arts and encourage the children to experiment and reflect on the creative process. In addition, across the curriculum, creativity and imagination is used as a learning tool to promote positive attitudes, provide rich experiences and raise achievement for children both academically and emotionally.

Art is an integral part of learning at ABS; every child enjoys an art or D&T lesson each week and creativity and arts is utilised in many other areas of learning whether it be maths, literacy or RE. A variety of skills, such as clay work, photography, drawing, marbling, batik, painting including watercolours, model making, are taught, then used, developed and enhanced through cross-curricular and project work. Furthermore, the school undertakes whole school projects focused on one artist or painting which enhances the children’s knowledge and awareness of the history of art as well as developing their own skills and creativity. Recent artists have included Kandinsky, Turner and Klimt.

In addition, many opportunities are provided to enhance children’s interests and talents through G&T projects and clubs. The school explores and develops excellent links with local and national organisations, developing partnerships with artists & organisations to enhance creativity and learning.  

Visit our art blog where you can view some of the art we do at ABS