Reedworth Street, London, SE11 4PH


Archbishop Sumner

Church Of England Primary School


ABS Curriculum statement

Creative, broad, inclusive, diverse and engaging.


"Pupils are introduced to a vibrant and stimulating curriculum which includes a strong focus on the teaching of basic skills of literacy and numeracy, and offers an excellent range of learning experiences in music, art, drama, sports and modern foreign languages. Visits and visitors are used extensively to ensure learning is meaningful and to provide pupils with opportunities for performance." Ofsted 2009


Our curriculum is designed to engage all pupils and takes into account their abilities, interests and cultures. We are aspirational for all our pupils and we are determined to nurture their potential through inclusive and challenging learning experiences.

Sequential learning features across the curriculum areas and questioning, creativity, reflection and problem-solving support the acquisition of our pupils' skills and retention of knowledge.


Our curriculum areas are ambitious and inclusive for all learners. Through the requirements of the National Curriculum, our review of curriculum areas and our understanding  of our pupils' needs and interests, we strive to develop a keen interest in learning and develop the pupils' skills and knowledge through carefully planned and engaging teaching. 


Our core values of "Achieve, Believe and Serve" tie in with our identity and the shortened name of the school "ABS", and are embedded in our curriculum and collective worship.  



In order to achieve and maintain high quality teaching, ABS staff make effective use of differentiation, quality resources, and educational trips and visits which reflect the Christian values and diversity we are so proud of. Subject Leads support staff with planning and ensure that teachers understand the expectations of the national curriculum and that their subject knowledge is strong.

Assessment opportunities and pupil progression are actively planned.

Through active learning, problem solving and practical experiences wherever possible, pupils have the opportunity to use advanced ICT equipment and high quality resources. 

Topic-based projects and Homework consolidate pupils' understanding and encourage families to engage in learning together.



Through active learning at school, our aim is for all pupils to develop the skills they will need to meet the challenges of the                             

ever-changing world in which we live.  We aspire for them to understand the society around them and to be active participants in its


Our formal assessment systems and teacher judgments on progress and next steps are updated at set points of the year and targets

are shared with pupils and their families.

Pupil data is monitored carefully and the staff are committed to addressing misconceptions as well as extending and further

challenging pupils.

Curriculum overview