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Archbishop Sumner

Church Of England Primary School


DFE Information


On the 27th August 2020 the Department of Education updated guidelines regarding information that schools, maintained by their local authorities must publish on their websites.


  1. Number of school employees (if any) have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000. = None


  1. DFE School's Financial Benchmarking information for 2022/2023


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Archbishop Sumner Primary School


Details of the amount of time off taken by staff who are union officials are as follows:


  • NEU Health and Safety Rep Training  -  3 hours
  • NEU rep training - 4 hours (October 2020)
  • NEU rep training 10th November 2020 (full day)
  • NEU rep training 1st December 2020  (full day)
  • NEU rep training 25th May 2021  (full day)