Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the opening of the Peace Garden 2004

         Tony Blair and Gordon Brown                                      December 2004

                     Howard Goodall                                             Sing up 2008



 Alan Titchmarsh presenting a gardening award to the school 2010

 Duchess Of Cornwall at The Royal Festival Hall 2011

       Charlie Dark Author &                           Poet school visit 2011


         Yr 6 with Eamon Holmes             Sky Studios 2012

             Mo Farrah & Boris Johnson                 at Lilian Baylis 2012

                        Usain Bolt  2012               


                 David Cameron                                   IWM 2012

 Olympic Tri-Athletes 2012

                        Andy Murray                                               Summer 2012



   Mayor of Lambeth Celebration                Evening October 2013    

Sir David Attenborough visited us in January 2014