Reedworth Street, London, SE11 4PH


Archbishop Sumner

Church Of England Primary School



                             HOME-SCHOOL AGREEMENT                     

The ABS Home-School agreement supports the partnership between parents/carers, pupils, and the school staff to ensure that every child reaches their potential.



We will work together to ensure every child in our school achieves their full potential as a child of God and a valued member of the community.

We will do this through

  • A determined focus on teaching and learning
  • A firm belief that the children here can and will achieve as well as and better than children anywhere
  • A commitment to a living faith that unites us in this purpose, recognising and affirming the full diversity of our school community


A -Achieve

B - Believe

S –Serve

CHILD'S NAME __________________________



  • Ensure that home learning is complete and encourage your child to achieve learning targets.
  • Read regularly with your child and make sure s/he brings their reading book to school daily.
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour.
  • Ensure your child wears the correct school uniform and brings their PE kit/swimming kit when required.
  • Make sure your child attends school regularly, arrives promptly by 8.55 am and is collected by 3.30 pm or at the end of after school clubs.
  • Avoid absence during term time.
  • Inform the school of your child’s absence at the earliest opportunity.
  • Follow the Complaints Procedure if required.
  • Show respect for staff, children and other parents and carers.
  • Show commitment to your child’s education by attending open evenings, assemblies and other school events.
  • Read and respond to all school correspondence.
  • Support the school’s policies on mobile phones and internet access. 
  • Monitor your child/ren’s use of the internet and report any activity you are not comfortable with to classteachers.
  • Use social media relating to the school responsibly, including WhatsApp, and not post any harmful, derogatory or defamatory content.
  • Keep the school informed of any changes of address, telephone numbers and circumstances such as illness in the family.



Arrive on time for school every day.

  • Take responsibility for your learning and understand that making mistakes is an important part of the learning process.
  • Do your best at all times.
  • Show respect, be kind and care for others.
  • Tell an adult if you are unhappy, hurt or feeling ill.
  • Complete home learning and read every day.
  • Look after the school building and equipment.
  • Respect others’ opinions and feelings even if they are different to your own.


PARENT/CARER’S SIGNATURE _______________________  CHILD’S SIGNATURE ________________________________



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