Carrying out science investigations is really vital because it has the potential to spark children’s interest in the sciences and offers the opportunity to harness young children’s natural curiosity.

Ideally, during science, children should be provided with opportunities to manipulate materials, ask questions, hypothesise, predict and test their predictions. Primary children are enthusiastic about primary school science.

At ABS we find that pupils are very positive about hands-on science and enjoy the opportunities given to engage in it, applying a range of scientific skills as a result.

During science investigations children are working collaboratively in small groups where they conduct hands-on activities. It is the desire to know why things happen and how living and non – living things work. The majority of children enjoy working in this way. Curiosity is the key to science. 



Year 1 in the ECO Garden  

Year 3 in the ECO Garden 

Year 6 Science Carousel