Rainforest Video                                                                                This video was directed and produced by Thomas Roberts of Year 3


Children are immersed in the subject area of humanities at ABS.  A sense of excitement and enjoyment about history and geography is created not only through planned classroom activities but through a variety of opportunities for learning in environments outside of the classroom; visits to places such as Hampton Court Palace and the British Museum are essential in bringing humanities learning to life.   

Focusing on exciting topic areas each term such as Ancient Greece and World War II, each class has an opportunity to develop a sense of identity through learning about different periods in history and stimulate children’s interest in human and physical processes in geography.

Children have the chance to explore different sources and artefacts and pursue lines of enquiry in order to develop essential historical and geographical skills, also allowing them to connect themselves to the past and the world they live in.  This important subject area is vital for children’s development of self-identity and appreciation of the world around them.


 Year 5 visit the Imperial War Museum 

               Nursery visit the Natural History Museum                                                       

 Year 3 at the Museum of Garden History 

                                  Year 6's History Project