At ABS it is our aim for all of our children to leave our school at the end of Year Six with an instilled love of sport and a committed attitude towards living a healthy lifestyle.  We will achieve this by:

  • promoting healthy, happy pupils with a deeper understanding of what it is to live healthily.
  • providing a wide range of clubs, sports and competitions that are fun and accessible for all.
  • our PE Team working together with parents/carers to develop an understanding of the importance of exercise in the pursuit of a healthy active lifestyle.


With the support of London PE Network, our PE team will provide the opportunity for our pupils to access a wide range of sports including, football, netball, tag rugby, swimming, athletics, dance and gymnastics.

Pupils are given the opportunity to be creative during physical education and develop the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship. We encourage all of our children to develop the ability to persevere in order to achieve success and in due course, a happier, healthier lifestyle.

PE Policy.pdf

Cricket Running
Football Tennis