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elizabeth frimpong -parents(less than a year ago)

Hello, I would like to find book my daughter into the 1-2-1 piano lesson for KS1 as specified on the after school club information. Naomi Aboagye 19/11/11 parents - Elizabeth Frimpong.

Cherrelle(less than a year ago)

I was a little worried about my daughter fitting in at Summer school because for the past 4 years she has been with a child-minder in a home environment. As her big sisters attended EKC, I knew it would be a good experience and as she is going to Reception in September I felt it was a good time for her to attend summer school. However from day one of EKC summer school she fit in and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Every evening she spoke so enthusiastically about her day, and every morning going to school she spoke so excitedly about her day. She had a great experience – thank you to all the staff and children at EKC for Nikita’s enjoyable summer.

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